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    broken-fingerWe continuously use our fingers, whether or not you realize it. They let us touch, grasp, and interact with things. As a matter of fact, they are the most used part of the hand! And they are also the most injured. Sometimes a finger injury may be a simple bruise. However, broken fingers (finger fractures) occur frequently. When trauma to the hand occurs, a fractured finger is the most common.

    Finger Fracture Symptoms

    A broken finger usually will not go unnoticed. In fact, it’s a little difficult to go unnoticed. Immediate pain will happen after a finger injury. Sometimes deformity also occurs at the joint.

    Many people think that if you have a broken finger, you will be unable to move it. However, that is not the case. Although you will notice the pain of a finger fracture, many people are unsure if it’s broken. And if it’s broken, it will be painful to move it. In some cases, you may even have dull pain and some range of motion!

    When experiencing a broken finger, within 10 minutes, swelling will occur. Then, the finger will become stiff and hard to move. It’s also possible for the swelling to spread to additional fingers.

    However, if the fracture is severe, you will likely see bruising. Sometimes, your fingers might also become numb if the swelling becomes too much.

    Causes of a Broken Finger

    Trauma is the most common cause of a fractured finger. Typically, it occurs from activities, such as:

    Treatment for a Fractured Finger

    It’s typical to put a small splint on the finger. Especially if treatment is unnecessary. Sometimes, your physician might tape the adjacent finger to the broken one as a splint.

    If the finger is out of position, the joint may need to be put back in place. And an injection will be given under local anesthesia to fix this. This injection will anesthetize the finger and allow your doctor to manipulate the fracture and correct the deformity.

    Sometimes, the deformity cannot be corrected, and surgery may be necessary.

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