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    Tennis Elbow

    Tennis Elbow

    Treatment in South Florida

    Tennis elbow (aka lateral epicondylitis) is an injury that, believe it or not, is not only an injury that happens while playing tennis. This injury is a type of tendonitis, which causes pain in the elbows and arm.

    Tennis elbow typically occurs from repetitive motions, such as gripping a racket during a swing. These repetitive motions can put a strain on muscles and stress on tendons. Over time, this condition will develop from constant tugging causing tears in the tissue.

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    Tennis Elbow Signs & Symptoms

    Tennis Elbow

    The most common symptoms of tennis elbow is an ache on the outside of the elbow. After a few weeks to a few months, the ache will turn to chronic pain. when this occurs typically the outside of the elbow will be too sensitive to touch.

    Over time, you will find it difficult or more painful to grip and lift things.

    Our team of orthopedic surgeons are considered experts in the treatment of tennis elbow. Whether you have just begun to experience symptoms or have been experiencing the symptoms for a while, you can count on us for an effective tennis elbow treatment. You can visit any of our offices in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Plantation, and Fort Lauderdale.

    Tennis Elbow Causes

    Tennis elbow is considered a repetitive stress injury caused by overuse. If you participate in any activity that strains muscles around the elbow over and over again, this movement can cause the injury.

    You can get it by utilizing a racket in sports activities, such as squash, racketball, or tennis. It is also common to get tennis elbow from certain jobs which require repetitive motion, such as:

    • Painting
    • Carpentry
    • Tree-cutting (repetitive use of a chain saw)
    • Playing certain types of musical instruments

    Although, butchers, cooks and assembly line workers often get it.

    Golfers elbow is similar to tennis elbow, although it differs in the that the pain is focused on the inside of the elbow. Although, the causes are similar, by repetitive movement.

    South Florida Hand Center has become the preferred orthopedic practice for the treatment of tennis elbow in Broward and Palm Beach. Call us 24/7 at 888-409-8006 to schedule an appointment or use the button below.

    Tennis Elbow Diagnosis

    To properly diagnose tennis elbow, your physician will take a comprehensive medical history which includes prior injuries, information of daily activities, and a history of symptoms. An MRI may be requested to determine your condition.

    Your doctor also might ask you to perform simple tasks/ actions such as straightening your wrist against pressure and checking for pain in parts of your arm.

    Tennis Elbow Treatment

    Most patients who experience tennis elbow are not treated with surgical procedures. Some treatments may be more particular than others depending on the diagnosis. Your treatment plan will be made to fit your specific condition.

    It is typical for the following to be recommended:

    • Immobilization: It is typical for someone with tennis elbow to be placed in a splint or cast. By resting the tendon, the inflammation should decrease.
    • Anti-Inflammatory Medications: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications will help control symptoms of pain. Although most importantly they help treat tennis elbow to rid of inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues. These treatment medications can decrease inflammation, which causes pain in the wrist.
    • Therapy: Therapy might be recommended depending on the severity and if your doctor feels it is necessary for you to regain a full range of motion.

    Tennis Elbow Surgery

    This procedure begins the removal of the damaged tissue. Next, the stimulation of the healing response in the affected area. This procedure is typically performed as outpatient surgery, therefore you won’t have to stay overnight in the hospital.


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