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    How to Spot a Jammed Finger

    January 9, 2020 at 10:04 pm · · 0 comments

    How to Spot a Jammed Finger

    A jammed finger is a common injury. It happens more often with athletes but can happen to anyone. Basketball and volleyball players are the most susceptible. The fingers are at risk when reaching for balls in these cases.

    Fingers may get jammed when blunt force strikes the tip of it. The impact hyper-extends the ligament connecting the middle knuckle to the finger. This joint is the PIP (proximal interphalangeal) joint, and it becomes torn as a result of this force.

    Do You Have a Jammed Finger?

    There are common symptoms to look for to identify a jammed finger.

    • Pain at the PIP point. This pain can be dull for slight sprains and throbbing for severe ones.
    • Swelling and redness around the PIP joint may occur. Compare the injured to nearby fingers.
    • You have difficulty bending fingers or gripping items.

    If a sprain has become severe enough to displace the joint, your finger will look crooked. Many believe you should attempt to realign fingers when this happens. Coaches will often try to pull out the displaced joint. And this is a dangerous misconception. Instead, the finger needs a splint, and medical attention should be immediate.

    The Difference Between Broken and Jammed Fingers

    Blunt force trauma can cause sprains and broken fingers. Treatment varies for each problem, so you need to know the difference. There are distinct symptoms that can help you differentiate a jammed from a broken finger.

    Differentiating a jammed finger between a broken finger can be difficult. However, there are a few key differences between the two.

    A jammed finger pain level will be mild to moderate. However, a broken finger’s pain level will be severe.

    You are not able to bend a broken finger. A jammed one, however, will still have a full range of motion.

    When you experience a jammed finger, swelling will reduce within a couple of hours. On the other hand, a broken finger will not.

    You can treat an injured jammed at home. However, a broken finger needs medical attention. If you suspect a fracture, get an assessment from your hand specialist right away.

    If you are searching for a hand specialist, call 888-409-8006. Our offices are conveniently located throughout South Florida.

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