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    Top 5 Ways To Reduce Crippling Hand Pain

    February 5, 2021 at 3:44 pm · · 0 comments

    Top 5 Ways To Reduce Crippling Hand Pain

    Hand pain can be more than an annoyance. In fact, it can interfere with daily activities. Stiffness and pain can make even the simplest tasks a challenge. So, how do you reduce crippling hand pain?

    Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of hand pain. With time and use, the cartilage wears away. Pinched nerves can also cause hand pain. This is common with specific repetitive movements. Tendinitis or inflamed tendons can also restrict movement.

    Reduce Crippling Hand Pain

    Thankfully, there are non-surgical methods to help with this hand pain. You can help to maintain hand function by doing the following:

    Wearing a splint

    A splint helps to stabilize the joint and fingers. Therefore, helping to reduce inflammation. You can also wear a splint anytime arthritis flares up.


    Corticosteroids are injected into the affected joints. Therefore, relieving inflammation and providing relief for up to one year.


    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications help reduce inflammation. Pain and swelling are therefore reduced. These are best when used for short-term relief. Long-term use of these drugs can be dangerous. You can be at risk for ulcers, liver damage, and heart attack.

    Ice and heat

    Ice helps to reduce swelling, and heat helps relax muscles to reduce stiffness. Alternating these therapies can help relieve and pain. However, never apply these directly to the skin. And only use it for 20 minutes at a time.


    Stretching exercises help the tendons and muscles. A physical therapist can help guide you with exercising for crippling hand pain. In fact, strengthening muscles allows them to absorb more stress. This relieves pressure on your joints.

    At South Florida Hand Center, we are here for you every step of the way. Our offices are conveniently located in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, and Plantation. So, call us at 888-409-8006 if you are experiencing hand pain and get to the bottom of it today!

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