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    How to Reduce Handheld Device Injuries

    January 22, 2021 at 9:39 pm · · 0 comments

    How to Reduce Handheld Device Injuries

    Handheld devices are everywhere. And, they also cause handheld device injuries. Thumb movement across the screen is awkward. Overdoing this can lead to problems.

    Not all medical professionals agree about symptoms or severity. Many claim the pains go away once the movement ceases. However, there is a large number that acknowledges overuse of the thumb. And the problems it causes.

    The phenomenon started with video game controllers. Video game moguls like Nintendo even acknowledge this! In fact, their manual recommends rest time for each hour of play. Now, all electronic devices can be blamed. These devices continue to get smaller. This requires the use of smaller muscles. Eventually, there may be even more problems.

    The most common symptoms of thumb overuse are as follows:

    How to Avoid Handheld Device Injuries

    Chances are you need to use tech devices. So, how do you avoid injuries? There are some tips to help reduce pain, such as:

    • Adopt a neutral grip. Keep your wrists as straight as possible.
    • Do not push down too hard.
    • Use the thumbnail instead of the thumb.
    • Take breaks. Avoid too much repetitive behavior.
    • Switch hands frequently.
    • Write shorter messages.
    • Alternate fingers. Don’t let the thumb do everything.
    • Sit up straight. Slouching causes more strain on the wrist and elbows.

    Try Stretching Exercises

    Try some stretching exercises to reduce pain and help with mobility, such as:

    Regular stretching can reduce repetitive motion injuries. For these stretches, hold for 10 seconds. Repeat them eight times.

    Shoulder/Arm Stretch. Fold hands together and turn palms away. Extend arms forward.

    Upper Torso Stretch. Fold hands together in the same way again. Extend arms overhead this time.

    Forearm/Wrist Stretch. Extend one arm in front of you. Keep your elbow straight. Then, take the opposite hand to bend the outstretched one. Bend it towards the floor with your palm down. Turn the palm up and stretch your hand up towards the body.

    Hand Stretch: Open your hands. Spread fingers as far as possible.

    It is equally crucial to relieve psychological stress too. This contributes to tense muscles. In turn, this causes strained muscles. This pain worsens with the overuse of tech devices. Take a break from those devices. Maybe even take a break from work too.

    If you are experiencing handheld device injuries and need to see a hand specialist, call us at 888-409-8006.

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