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    Why Do I Have Elbow Pain?

    February 17, 2020 at 4:20 pm · · 0 comments

    Why Do I Have Elbow Pain?

    It is impossible to throw, lift, swing, or hug without elbows. The elbow is more complicated than most realize. It is not a simple joint. Therefore, many things can go wrong and cause elbow pain.

    The elbow is where the upper arm bone and two lower arm bones meet. At the end of each bone is cartilage. Therefore, helping bones slide by each other and absorbs shock. Ligaments are attached to keep them in place. Additionally, tendons connect the bones to your muscles.

    All of these are required for you to move your arms. Damage to any of these parts can cause pain in the elbow. Pain can also develop if nerves and blood vessels are affected. There are a few ways that your elbow can be hurt such as:

    One-Time Injuries that Cause Elbow Pain

    These are one-off events causing below pain injury. An example would be falling off your bike.

    Dislocated elbow: A dislocated elbow occurs a bone out of place. And this frequently occurs during a fall. The reflex reaction is to catch yourself by putting your hands out. This commonly occurs in young children, from swinging them by the arms. Therefore, causes dislocation or nursemaid’s elbow. You need to see your doctor right away if you suspect a dislocated elbow.

    Fractured elbow: A fracture is when a bone breaks and causes elbow pain. However, this happens as a result of a sudden blow. Car accidents and contact sports are common causes. You may still be able to move your elbow. Pain accompanied by your elbow not looking right is a concern. Contact your doctor for medical attention.

    Strains and Sprains: Too much pressure on the elbow causes strains and sprains. It is a strain when a stretched muscle occurs. And sprains when a ligament becomes stretched or torn. Lifting heavy objects or overdoing it can cause this elbow pain. A Sprain is likely in sports when rackets are used. Additionally, both be treated with ice and rest and eventually stretching.

    Wear and Tear Injuries

    Over time, repeated actions can cause damage to the elbow. Sports and specific work settings can be the cause. The most common wear and tear injuries include:

    Bursitis: This is mainly caused by repeating the same motion multiple times. Bursitis can be caused by infection and accidents too. Bursa is a small fluid-filled sac. They cushion the bones, tendons, and muscles in joints. They also help skin slide over bone. Overuse causes swelling and pain. Bursitis is often treated with pain medications.

    Tennis elbow: Also known as golfers elbow, this involves damage to the tendons. Overuse causes inflammation and damage. This injury is common among tennis players and golfers. But, it is not limited to them. The pain and cause are the same, but the location is different. Tennis elbow is on the outside of the elbow. And then golfers elbow is on the inside.

    Trapped nerves: Carpal tunnel syndrome causes trapped nerves. Your carpal nerve passes through your wrist. If it gets squeezed, it causes pain and wrist issues. Additionally, this can occur in your elbow too. The ulnar nerve runs through your arm. If the nerves pinched as it goes through the elbow, then Cubital tunnel or ulnar tunnel syndrome can develop. You can also get burning and numbness in your hands. Finally, radial tunnel syndrome affects the radial nerve. Furthermore, this passes near the outside of the elbow and can get pinched. Numbness and burning occur along the outside forearm and elbow.

    Stress fractures: This is a small crack in an arm bone. Typically this occurs from overuse. They are more common in the lower legs but do happen in arms. Pain is worse with motion, especially throwing.

    If you are still having trouble controlling your elbow pain symptoms, call us at 888-409-8006. We have top-notch Elbow Specialists.

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