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    How to Avoid Wrist Pain from Typing

    June 10, 2019 at 9:41 am · · 0 comments

    How to Avoid Wrist Pain from Typing

    Let’s face it, working at a computer does not seem like a dangerous activity that can lead to injury. However, misuse of the keyboard or mouse can lead to wrist pain from typing. For starters, it can strain the muscles and nerves in your wrist and hand. As such, you may experience wrist pain that won’t quickly ease.

    Let’s go over some useful tips to avoid this.

    Tips to Avoid Wrist Pain from Typing:

    #1. Position your mouse and keyboard close to the edge of the table

    If you position your mouse and keyboard far from the edge of the table, it means you have to stretch your arms. This may force you to strain your muscles and tendons around the wrist leading to pain. To prevent this, position your keyboard and mouse close to the edge of the table. As such, your wrist is fully supported by the table.

    #2. Invest in a split ergonomic keyboard

    Unlike the regular keyboard, a split ergonomic keyboard fully supports your wrists. When typing, your wrists will be straight, instead of pigeon-toed inward or duck-footed outward. Without an ergonomic keyboard, users may be forced to position their elbows further out. This is common among computer users with a larger midsection.

    #3. Take micro-breaks

    Spending an hour or more typing on your keyboard places you at risk of injuries to your wrist, elbow, shoulders, and hands. However, to prevent this, take micro-breaks frequently. Experts recommend 5 to 10 seconds break every 20 to 30 minutes of keyboard typing. During your micro-break, stretch and change your posture. You can rotate your arms, twist your body, stand up and even walk around. When you resume typing, apply a smooth typing motion. Avoid jerking movements and pounding the keys.

    #4. Maintain a proper posture

    At your workstation, maintain proper posture. For instance, sit your ergonomic chair with your back straight. Then, center your computer monitor, sit arm’s length away, and don’t cross your legs. Doing so may force you to hunch and assume a bad posture. When typing, make sure your wrists face straight forward and not outward like a duck’s feet.

    #5. Position the mouse beside the keyboard

    When you position the mouse beside the keyboard, there is no need for your elbow to leave the side of your body to reach it. Therefore, by moving the mouse, you experience no wrist pressure. To prevent the onset of pain when using a mouse, buy a vertical computer mouse. And get rid of the gel pad.

    In any case, if you experience throbbing and aching pain on your wrist after typing, reduce inflammation with over the counter anti-inflammatory. Also, wear a wrist brace and avoid typing if possible. Alternatively, consult a doctor.

    For a preferred wrist pain specialist in Palm Beach & Broward County, call us today at 888-409-8006.

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