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    Differences Between a Wrist Sprain and Tendonitis

    July 24, 2020 at 8:41 pm · · 0 comments

    Differences Between a Wrist Sprain and Tendonitis

    A wrist sprain and tendonitis can cause similar symptoms. Your movement will be affected and painful. However, some differences can help you seek the proper treatment.

    Different Tissues are Affected

    Tendonitis and wrist sprains affect different tissue types. Inflammation of a tendon due to a tear causes tendonitis. These are the fibrous tissues connecting arm muscles to fingers or bones. The typical cause is excessive overuse.

    A wrist sprain, on the other hand, involves torn ligaments. These fibroid bands connect bones together. The cause for a wrist sprain will usually be an injury and not overuse.

    Symptoms of a Wrist Sprain and Tendonitis Differentiate

    The symptoms for these conditions can appear the same. But, there are some differentiating factors. This helps identify what exactly is wrong.

    1. Wrist Pain

    Pain associated with tendonitis will be burning or stabbing. It can also be a dull ache. Additionally, tendonitis pain can radiate to the elbow.
    Wrist sprains cause throbbing pain or intermittent, dull aches.

    1. Movement

    Any activity can cause pain for either condition. But, specific movements will help you differentiate between them.

    Opening and closing the hand causes pain with tendonitis. Pushing up from a chair can also cause pain. The pain will also get worse after repeated movements.

    Putting weight through the wrist causes pain with sprains. Specifically, when bending the wrist in any direction. Things like opening a jar or doorknob can cause pain.

    1. Appearance

    Both conditions can cause wrists to become warm and swollen. They will also both cause reduced strength in the hand and wrist.

    Tendonitis causes swelling in the wrist and possibly forearms and fingers. Repetitive movement and lifting are painful. Muscle fatigue and cramps can also appear.

    Wrist sprains cause swelling at the wrist joint. And there will be reduced grip strength. Plus, Muscle fatigue is uncommon.

    A Wrist Sprain and Tendonitis has Different Causes

    Repetitive movements typically cause tendonitis. This can include sports or work-related activities. Clicking a mouse all day, for example.

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    A specific and sudden injury is usually the cause of a sprain. Falling on your hand, car accidents, and even some sports injuries.

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    The initial treatment for both tendonitis and sprains involves:

    • Rest
    • Using an ice pack
    • Taking NSAIDs
    • Wearing a wrist splint

    When treated right away, both conditions can get better in a few days to weeks. Any pain that gets worse needs to be evaluated right away. So, you can avoid any permanent damage to the wrist.

    If you suspect a wrist injury, call us at 888-409-8006. Our top wrist specialist is here to help!

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