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    Top Hand & Elbow Injuries

    June 17, 2020 at 6:05 pm · · 0 comments

    Top Hand & Elbow Injuries

    Accidents can happen. In fact, anyone can fall onto an outstretched arm. However, most commonly, elbow injuries and hand injuries occur when playing sports or when someone trips. The act of falling on your arm in this way can fracture the wrist. Injuries to your wrist and elbow can happen for other reasons too. Your technique can be off, or you may overdo an exercise one day. Maybe you are just not in as good of shape as you thought. The good news, you can prevent these problems!

    Elbow Injuries

    Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are common injuries. Overuse and repetitive motions are the cause of both injuries. However, they can happen to anyone, not just athletes. Using your arms in any repetitive way can cause the same damage too. So, what is the difference between the two?

    Tennis elbow causes pain to the outside of the elbow. When tennis elbow happens, tendons become inflamed. And inflamed tendons are due to repetitive backhanded hitting. Tennis elbow is also referred to as lateral epicondylitis.

    Golfer’s elbow is caused by poor posture during hitting. Tendons become inflamed due to this improper hitting form. Golfers elbow is also known as medial epicondylitis.

    Medial collateral ligament damage is most common in sports. Since the ligament stabilizes the elbow, injury occurs when it is damaged. Medial collateral ligament damage is a commonly known injury in baseball, racket sports, and ice hockey.

    Also, see Why Do I Have Elbow Pain?

    Forearm & Wrist Injuries

    Wrist fractures can occur from falling on an outstretched arm. This injury commonly happens in sports such as soccer and football. But, it can also take place while skateboarding and performing exercises. A wrist sprain may arise when the wrist is suddenly forced backward and the ligaments tears.

    Finger & Hand Injuries

    Rock climbing and football are common causes of hand injuries. However, catching a ball wrong can also cause hand or finger injuries. Thumb sprains commonly occur when the thumbs are forced backward. Then, tears or stretches the ligament.

    Any sport that involves catching a ball can cause thumb sprains. You will notice swelling and pain when the thumb moves. You will also experience an inability to hold things. It is also possible to hit the tips of your fingers. And can cause injury to the tendons in your hand. Some injuries prevent you from bending the finger. If this happens, see your doctor right away.

    Injury Prevention

    To prevent arm and hand injuries, avoid overuse. In sports and exercise, however, people often overdo it. And this is especially true when they enjoy sport-related activities. But you need to know your limits. And parents need to protect their kid from overdoing it too.

    Overuse injuries in children and teenagers have increased, especially among those playing regular sports. Many young athletes also take part in multiple sports-related activities. And this only increases the risk of overuse injuries.

    Resting should be a part of your training schedule. Limit how much activity you do, and when something hurts, stop. Do not exercise when something is damaged. Muscles and connective tissue will heal more slowly. Resting periods allow time for injuries to heal. So, rest up!

    You can also brush up on your technique for your sport. For example, tennis players can reduce the risk of tennis elbow.

    Make sure you are using proper tennis techniques, such as:

    • Don’t let the wrist bend back
    • Do not play with a short tennis-racket
    • No playing with a racket that not tightly strung
    • Do not use heavy tennis balls
    • No hitting the ball off-center on the tennis-racket

    Learning proper techniques for your sport reduces the risk of injury. However, make sure you also rest up.

    If you experience a hand & elbow injuries, call us at 888-409-8006. Out top hand specialist is here to help!

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